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Capital Asset Management - Sytem Administration Only    

Cash Receipt
To document and process deposits.


ChartField Request: Account
To request additions or changes (modification, inactivation, or reactivation) to Accounts.


ChartField Request: Organization
To request additions or changes (modification, inactivation, or reactivation) to Organizations.


ChartField Request: Projects
To request additions or changes (modification, inactivation, or reactivation) to Projects.


ChartField Request – SpeedType Fiscal Staff
To request additions, deletions, or modifications of SpeedType Fiscal Staff.
Note: Requests can also be emailed to your campus controller’s office.


ChartField Request – SpeedType, Program, Subclass
To request additions or changes (modification, inactivation, or reactivation) to SpeedTypes, Programs, and/or Subclasses. (Not used for Fund 34 requests.)

Donor Clarification (print on letterhead of recipient organization)    

Financial Systems (FIN and CU Marketplace) Access Request
To request finance or procurement roles in the PeopleSoft Finance System and/or the Marketplace.


Fundraising Authorization
To create a SpeedType that will be used to conduct a University-Sponsored Fundraising Event.


Gift Fund
To request a Fund 34 SpeedType and/or Foundation Fund for gifts either through the Foundation or direct to the University.


Gift in Kind Acceptance
To accept non-monetary gifts, including art, books, manuscripts, antiques, collections, equipment, software, or intellectual property (i.e., patents)


IN - Interdepartmental Invoice
To purchase goods or services from another CU organizational unit, or to record other financial transactions in the general ledger. (Boulder Campus: Do not use this IN. Instead, ask Accounting & Business Support, 303.492.3166, for the short or long multicopy paper forms.)


Journal Source
To add or change Journal Source information for journals.


Supporting Foundation Expense Reimbursement – Invoice Template
To invoice the supporting foundation once all payments and reimbursements related to the supporting foundation activity have been made by the University.


Supporting Foundation Expense Reimbursement – Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Template
To outline details of the arrangement between the University and the supporting foundation, prior to the activity occurring.

Transfer Funds
To liquidate principal of quasi-endowment (CU Foundation internal transfer). Also used to request the transfer of gift funds from CU Foundation to a University SpeedType when a manual transfer is allowed.

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