December 2012

Dear Friends and Alumni,

President Bruce Benson
President Bruce Benson

When Colorado voters in November passed Amendment 64, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use, it led to a number of questions. Most uncertainty surrounds the conflict between the new state law and federal law, under which marijuana remains illegal. Amendment 64 will be signed into law in January and take effect in January 2014.

But for the University of Colorado, the issue is clear. Marijuana threatens to cost the university nearly a billion dollars annually in federal revenue, money we can ill afford to lose.

I was personally opposed to Amendment 64 and worked on my own time to defeat it. But it passed and CU, like many entities, is working to determine the implications.

The glaring practical problem is that we stand to lose significant federal funding. CU must comply with the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, which compels us to ban illicit drugs from campus. Our campuses bring in more than $800 million in federal research funds, not to mention nearly an additional $100 million in funding for student financial aid. The loss of that funding would have substantial ripple effects on our students and our state. CU contributes $5.3 billion to Colorado's economy annually, a good portion of it derived from our research.

Additionally, we have worked hard to fight the image of CU as a party school. While we are not naïve about the behavior of some of our students, we know that the party school image is vastly overstated. The publications that promote such nonsense, such as Playboy and the Princeton Review, use research methodology that would earn them an "F" in any CU class. The vast majority of our students are serious and hardworking and don't appreciate that their school's reputation is sullied by suspect methodology and vague notions.

Likewise, the 4/20 event we worked to shut down last year (and will continue to in coming years), paints a picture of CU that is far from accurate. More than two-thirds of those who participate are not CU students. Regardless, it is not what we want our university known for.

We are not only within our rights to ban marijuana on our campuses, it is the right thing to do. Many insist the legalization votes in Colorado and Washington state are in part a referendum on the war on drugs, and the point is hard to argue. That is a discussion we should have as a society. However, in a tenuous funding environment, the possibility of losing nearly a billion dollars is a chance we simply cannot take. We have better things to focus on.

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Bruce D. Benson
Bruce Benson

CU all over
CU all over
I had a recent exchange on Twitter with the Memphis Buffs CU-Boulder Alumni Chapter. George "Scott" Seltzer, leader of the chapter since 2009, tweeted, "I've enjoyed leading this chapter from the 1st day I created it. I'm happy 2 be a CU advocate in TN." That's great news. I'm inspired by Scott's dedication and loyalty to CU.

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Spotlight on Alumni
UCCS prof's wisdom inspires Colorado Springs councilwoman and alumna Dougan
UCCS prof's wisdom inspires Colorado Springs councilwoman and alumna Dougan
Earning a degree can improve anyone's career, but for Colorado Springs City Councilwoman Angela Dougan, earning her bachelor's degree at UCCS was a turning point in her life. The campus was a great fit for her, as it offered a great education, all with the feel of a small university.

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Creating Futures:
Campaign magazine celebrates giving to CU
Creating Futures
The record-breaking generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who support CU has helped build an arts-and-culture oasis in the heart of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, enabled single parents to afford college at UCCS and CU Denver, and supported a yearlong CU-Boulder course in which students devise solutions to real-life ethical quandaries. You can read these stories and more in the fall 2012 Creating Futures magazine.

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Positive, broad-based job growth forecast for Colorado: Things are looking up for Colorado job-seekers in 2013, a Leeds School of Business study shows.
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University of Colorado
Colorado Springs
Student-athlete an All-American: UCCS soccer senior midfielder Mash Shaswar in November earned Capital One Academic All-America Third Team honors.
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Poetic justice for CU Denver prof: Jake Adam York, an associate professor of English at the University of Colorado Denver, has been named a 2013 Literature Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts.
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Exploring music and the mind: The mysteries of the interplay between music and the brain was the first topic in a new series on the brain presented by the Center for NeuroScience.
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