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Fundraising News

  • Fundraising Event Training
    The OUC will be conducting Fundraising Event training at all campuses. Each session will include 2 segments: Conducting A Campus Sponsored Fundraising Event, and, Topics/Discussion Roundtable. Registration is available now.

  • Fundraising Events and Alcohol Provision
    If you are serving alcoholic beverages at your event (University purchase, cash bar, or donation of alcohol), please contact University Risk Management to determine if your event complies with all state/local regulations and campus specific policies/procedures for serving alcohol. University sponsored fundraising events  serving alcoholic beverages should seek licensed venues for their events. For more info, see the April 1 OUC Connections.

  • New Event Timeline
    We have developed an Event Timeline that the OUC will complete and periodically distribute to the event contact so we all may keep on track in closing out the event finance.
    Note: The OUC continues to maintain a process for escalation of those events that are unable to closeout after the 60 day requirement.  Please see the Escalation Process Timeline and Sample Escalation Letter.
  • Process Changes
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Sponsorships
  • Training
Fundraising Events & Sales Tax
Fundraising events may pay sales taxes directly to the vendor as invoiced.   If you are signing a contract with the vendor, ask that the sales tax be charged to your catering invoice, and pay the taxes when you pay your catering invoice.  By doing so, you will not need to calculate and remit sales taxes to your campus for these items.  The PSC is aware of all fundraising event contracts that are subject to sales tax, and  have re-tooled their business process for payment of taxes on the invoice.  For a quick overview, see the Campus Sponsored Fundraising Event Process

Policy, Procedure Statement Changes
The Administrative Policy Statement (APS) and the Finance Procedure Statement (FPS) set forth the governing structure of conducting fundraising events for the University.  The FPS guidance has recently been updated, and can be found at:
Procedures for Fundraising Events (FPS)   

The Procurement Service Center recently issued the Administrative Policy Statement (APS) , Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events, and the PSC Procedural Statement (PPS), Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events.  These two documents provide alcohol purchasing guidance.

Please note that event staff should refer to University Risk Management and campus specific policies and guidance for serving alcohol at your event.

At times the University conducts events (conferences, official functions, and fundraising) at which organizational units offer opportunities for corporate or individual sponsors to help underwrite the event costs.  It is essential that organizational units understand how to process (accept/deposit) these sponsorship payments.  Depending on what type of event you are conducting (conference, official function or fundraising) will determine how to handle the sponsorship payment.  The Sponsorship flowchart summarizes this process.
The soon to be issued FPS: Sponsorships, 7/1/2011, contains detailed information about sponsorships and guidance for accepting and depositing these types of payments for an event
Sponsorships was also discussed in the April 21 issue of the OUC Connections Newsletter.
2012 upcoming dates TBD

Additional Assistance:

If you would like additional assistance, or your event staff request an organizing meeting, please contact the Fundraising Events & Gift Compliance Specialist.

Resources for Before the Event

Resources for after the event

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