Diversity is one of our university's core values and stated guiding principles
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University of Colorado

November 16, 2015

Dear Members of the University of Colorado Community,

Diversity is one of our university's core values and stated guiding principles. It is at the heart of what makes our community strong and vibrant. I have been committed to diversity efforts for more than 30 years through many organizations I have led, and I remain so. As we have seen from recent events at the University of Missouri and elsewhere, the fabric of a community can easily fray if we do not continually work to elevate culture and climate. Improving culture at CU is one of my top priorities.

Enhancing diversity at CU is critical. This goal is embraced and stressed by the entire leadership of the university, beginning with the Board of Regents and continuing through me and my administrative team, the campus chancellors and their cabinets. It is also important to our students, faculty and staff, and we need to ensure we understand their concerns and honor their experiences so they can help guide our efforts.

Recent events around the country bring issues of diversity and inclusion, particularly race and justice, to the fore. But they have been a focus at CU for some time. We engage in a variety of activities aimed at making our campuses places that welcome, value and support people of all backgrounds. Universities are uniquely positioned to advance discussions on diversity. Indeed, it is our obligation. To that end, we are accelerating efforts already underway at CU to improve diversity.

Despite our ongoing focus, this is a challenging issue and we by no means have all the answers. But it remains a priority for me and for our university and it is an issue we must address. Our campuses are already working toward that end, and I look forward to you joining me in this important and ongoing discussion. Thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Benson
Bruce D. Benson

University of Colorado • Office of the President
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