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Regents seeking names for 2011 slate of awards

Nomination period for CU's highest honors ends Nov. 15

The University of Colorado Board of Regents is requesting nominations for the 2011 CU Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service awards.

An Honorary Degree (Doctor of Humane Letters or Doctor of Science) is the highest award bestowed by CU. Regents award them in recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service and/or public service.

University Medals are awarded in recognition of people whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university, while Distinguished Service Awards are awarded in recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Nominations must meet the following criteria (Laws of the Regents, Article 9, and Regent Policy 9-A):

Nomination Process:

(a)  Each year the vice president, university counsel and secretary of the board will solicit names of nominees for these awards.  Nomination deadline is Nov. 15, 2010.  Late or incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.

(b)  Honorary Degree, University Medal and Distinguished Service Award nominations must be submitted on the award nomination form and supported by three and not more than five letters of recommendation. The nominator must provide the recommendation letters and the nominee's current vita, address and telephone number. The complete nomination package must be submitted to the Office of the Board of Regents by the deadline date.  All nominations will be considered confidential.

(c)  Nomination Guidelines:

  • No person may nominate him/herself, nor may current university employees be nominated. 
  • Current public officials may not be nominated.  Public officials are elected or appointed officials in policy-making positions with the ability to directly affect the university through an official act. 
  • Public officials may be nominated two years after completion of their terms of office.

It is the responsibility of the nominator to obtain the required letters of support, vitae or resume, and nominee data. Nominations received, and judged to be qualified and complete, will be referred to the 2009 Regents Awards Committee. Nominators will be notified when the nomination package is complete.

Late or incomplete packages will not be forwarded for committee consideration. Nomination is no guarantee of an award. Please forward the nomination form, nominee vitae or resume, and nomination support letters to:/p>

          Jeri Barlock
          Director of Operations for the Board of Regents
          1800 Grant Street, 8th Floor
          Denver, CO 80203

For more information and to download award nomination forms, please go to:
www.cusys.edu/regents/Awards/.  You may also find a list of past winners, who are not eligible for repeat nomination. If you would like hard copies of the forms sent to you, please call the Board of Regents' office at 303-860-5667.


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