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Creating a Collection

The University of Colorado Digital Library is a collaborative project between the University of Colorado System and institutions of the Auraria Higher Education Campus to provide access to educational digital assets through a common software platform called Luna Insight. Multiple collections can be created with the purchase of one software license and may include still digital images, video or audio files.

Departments can elect to purchase the software individually and provide their own independent server and technical support, or they might seek collaborations with other interested departments to share these costs. The University Libraries is an example of an individual software implementation, while the Digital Image Collaborative is an example of a joint effort between the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning, College of Arts and Media and Department of Art and Art History. The Digital Image Collaborative has employed the services of the CU-Boulder ITS Managed Services Department to manage the servers for their collections.

Creating a collection involves a variety of tasks associated with digital object acquisition or creation, metadata and digitization standards, and copyright adherence. Please access the links on the right to review documents and tools the CU-DL committees have created or posted regarding these topics.

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