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What's new in eComm

Dear eComm user,

We've been busy! We're pleased to announce a fresh eComm website at The website is designed for eComm users like you. Check it out and send feedback to Kim at

We're also pleased to present Amy Ventura as a new addition to the eComm team. Amy is Advancement's new Digital Communications Manager. If you work in the CU Office of Advancement, Amy is your eComm go-to and can be reached at

Below is a collection of news and tips to help enhance your eComm experience. Enjoy!

Your eComm Team

eComm RFP update

eComm's current solution, a Harris Connect product, was purchased by industry competitor iModules in January 2013. iModules agreed to honor contracts and support the Harris Connect solution until contract expirations, but will not enhance or add features, and intends to sunset the software early next year.

We are committed to finding the best possible solution and plan to have a replacement by the end of the year. If you have questions, email Ken at

Schedule your spring communications now

We understand that the coming months are busy with various end-of-year events. We ask that you begin planning your communications now. Be sure to review the eComm email calendar and schedule your email(s) ASAP. Find a day where another email is not already scheduled to send to your intended audience.

Email calendar

If you need help sending an email or building a registration form, be sure to submit a request at least two weeks in advance of your desired launch date.

One-time eComm project request

File Manager needs your attention

File Manager, located in the Email Marketing tool, is where you upload images and files so you can link-to or embed images in your broadcast emails.

  • Please load files in the appropriate campus > school folders. Do not create new folders, unless it is within a pre-built campus > school folder.
  • Before uploading, name your images without any spaces in the file name. Some browsers don't recognize the spaces and thus break the URL. If the URL is broken, your image won't show up.

    BAD: CU Day at the Capitol.jpg (note spaces in name)

    GOOD: cu-day-at-the-capitol.jpg (note there are no spaces in name)

Email marketing best practices tip

Did you know that centered content and colored fonts are not ideal in email communications? Centered content does not render well in mobile devices and colored font often means the text is hyperlinked.

Learn more about email marketing best practices at

CU branding update

Updated branding requirements were released for system administration departments (and the former CU Foundation, now University Advancement). The main change is that, in the logo, the gray box has been removed from behind the interlocking "CU" and the names of the campuses no longer appear in all caps.

Updated email templates reflecting the changes have been loaded to all system eComm administration accounts. If you would like a template loaded to your eComm administrator account, contact your eComm specialist.

Learn more about CU branding at

Why eComm?

There are many important reasons why the use of one centralized communication tool benefits everyone. Here are three reasons to use eComm:

  1. eComm honors and tracks un/subscribe preferences automatically. If a CU unit sends an email via a tool other than eComm (such as Constant Contact) and is received by someone that already unsubscribed via an eComm email, then that unit has violated federal CAN-SPAM legislation. Fines start at $11,000 per incident. Do you have that kind of money in your budget? Learn more about CAN-SPAM at
  3. The information in the eComm database is constantly being updated by dozens of various channels, including by the constituents themselves. If a CU unit manages constituent information in an environment other than eComm, that unit is not only duplicating efforts (we're already managing the data), but also losing out on the accurate and current information found in eComm.
  5. Constituents expect CU to know who they are and how to communicate with them. If a CU unit uses a tool other than eComm, the ability to know and understand your audience is greatly diminished.
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