A resolution reminder from Be Colorado and Weight Watchers

Well into the New Year, Be Colorado and Weight Watchers remind participants that resolutions can come at any time and offer a guide to choose a resolution that will stick.

Each year, millions resolve to lose or maintain their weight, to exercise more and to eat healthier. While we start off with the best intentions, we often have a difficult time seeing the resolution through. Experts say this is because we often ask too much of ourselves — expecting huge results in a short time. Given this idea, Weight Watchers – through experts Dr. Simon A. Rego and David Epstein, MD, – offers a helpful resource to planning a successful weight-loss resolution with just five SMART checkpoints to help develop an attainable weight-loss resolution.

SMART weight-loss resolutions follow these five guidelines:

(S) SPECIFIC: What exactly are you going to do? Clearly define your goal and make it simple.
(M) MEASURABLE: How long? How much? What are the milestones you’ll reach along the way?
(A) ATTAINABLE: Make it reasonable. Don’t expect to lose 50 pounds in 3 months. Or make a promise to yourself to attend your weekly Weight Watchers meeting every week without fail.
(R) REWARDING: Small rewards for reaching modest milestones will keep you motivated and keep you positive.
(T) TIME-LIMITED: Set an end date. Keeping your resolution open- ended, will give you less of a focus.

Following this checklist offers participants a much better chance at meeting their weight-loss or weight maintenance goal.



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