Wellness & Prevention, Inc. to perform Trust's health risk assessments

DENVER—The University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust (Trust) has awarded the contract for its health risk assessment (HRA) program to Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. An HRA provides a confidential way for employees to measure their current health state and get feedback on steps to maintain or improve their health.

E. Jill Pollock, chair of the Trust, explained the importance of providing health risk assessments.

"The Trust is investing in this HRA for two key reasons: (1) provide employees a structured, confidential tool to obtain feedback on their health state and (2) establish a baseline of de-identified data to improve the design of Trust health plans, mitigate rising costs and better address the health needs of our employees and their families," Pollock said.

The HRA request for proposal was posted Aug. 27, 2010, and the Trust received six vendor proposals, which were reviewed by 12-member evaluation committee with representatives from all three Trust employers and all CU locations.

The evaluation committee concluded the Wellness & Prevention, Inc. product, services and cost best met the Trust's requirements and articulated a philosophy the Trust considers to be consistent with its vision for improved health of the university community.

William C. Weldon, Johnson & Johnson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said of the company's foray into this business, "Our establishment of a wellness and prevention platform recognizes our conviction that a comprehensive solution must begin long before the onset of illness, and that investing in wellness and prevention now can avoid more costly health care expenses later."

The Trust anticipates implementing the HRA in January 2011 and encourages all employees enrolled in a Trust plan (all health plans except Kaiser—members have a similar HRA available to them) to participate in this initial step toward improved wellness. Look for additional communication about the Trust HRA in forthcoming employer e-mails and newsletters and on the Trust website at


The Trust is a voluntary employees' beneficiary association as defined under Section 501 (c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. It was established and adopted in 2010 by and among the Regents of the University of Colorado (CU), the University of Colorado Hospital Authority (UCH) and University Physicians Incorporated (UPI) to provide a funding mechanism for the benefit of the employees and their eligible dependents of CU, UCH and UPI.

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