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Policy 2: Regents of the University

2.L: Public Comment at Committee Meetings of the Whole Board and General Study Sessions of Board Meetings

Public comment will be taken during committee meetings of the whole board and during general study sessions of the board meetings in accordance with the following procedures.

PROCEDURES FOR PUBLIC COMMENT AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS OF THE WHOLE BOARD AND GENERAL STUDY SESSIONS OF BOARD MEETINGS: Committee meetings of the whole board are held to facilitate the Board's examination of academic affairs and budget and finance matters. General study session address matters not discussed in the committees of the whole and receive reports of ad hoc and other committees. In recognition of the value of public input when considering these agenda items, the Board has developed the following procedures for receiving public comment. Persons who wish to take part in the public comment period should become familiar with and follow these procedures.

1. Subject Matter: Public comment at these committee meetings and general study sessions is limited to items that appear on the agenda for the particular meeting at the commencement of the meeting. The public comment period may not be used for addressing grievances of individual students or employees, personal attacks, or commercial endorsements. The public comment period also may not be used by a party in negotiation or litigation with the university to address matters related to the negotiation or litigation. Only those requests conforming to subject matter requirements will be approved.

2.Requests for Public Comment: A sign-up sheet will be provided on the day of the scheduled committee meeting for all persons wishing to address the Board. Individuals wanting to provide public comment must sign up prior to the start of the respective meeting. Speakers will be called in the order in which they signed up.

3. Time Allocation: A maximum of 15 minutes will be set aside for each agenda item on which public comment has been requested, and this time period will be divided equally among the speakers. Each person will be permitted not fewer than 2 minutes and not more than 5 minutes for comment.

4. Receiving Public Comment: Public comment will precede regents' discussion of the agenda item. The committee chair will announce the number of speakers on that item and the time allocated to each speaker.

Last Amended: January 18, 2007


  • adopted December 7, 2000;
  • amended November 9, 2001 and December 14, 2002;
  • revised as study sessions, October 30, 2003;
  • revised as committees of the whole on December 5, 2006; and
  • amended on January 18, 2007