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How to Buy Cellular Phone/PDA Service

This commodity includes wireless telephone service.

Procurement Options and Procedures

Total Purchase Procedure
$5,000 or less Your Procurement Card
Above $5,000 An SPO Requisition

Pooled Minutes

Departments should consider Pooled Minutes per the following guidelines. Pooled minutes have advantages over individual plans per user. To take advantage of a pool plan, you must have 5 or more lines.

  1. If a department has users with fluctuating usage and does not want to bother with overage charges on a regular basis, a pool plan would even out costs and minutes across all users.
  2. A pool plan lowers the administrative work on an account as there is one pool of minutes with each user contributing minutes to the pool and one bill for all phones within the pool. The administrator of the bill does not have to worry about changing plans constantly due to overages. When the administrator of the bill feels like their users are getting close to using their total pool each month, the pool can be increased to cushion higher usage.
  3. Individual plans have their benefit if the user needs to apply their specific costs to a specific budget or grant money.

Vendor Information

Contact the following vendor representatives to obtain a price for specific service and equipment, or to place an order for service using your Procurement Card.

(Vendor ID #197444, Address #2)

Contact Information

  • National Business Services: 800.999.5445

State Price Agreement


Contact Information

Roxanne Smith

Phone: 720-988-8553

Fax: 866-203-2266


All Campuses

State Price Agreement

(Vendor ID # 1645, Address #19)

Contact Information

Online account access is available through Verizon. To enroll, contact Terry Wright with:

  • The authorized person's name to access the account
  • The account number
  • The authorized person's email address

You will receive an email with your username and password.

State Price Agreement

(Vendor ID # 162756, Address #3)

Contact Information

State Price Agreement

Purchasing Agents

Sean Myers


Marketplace Commodity Codes

18 Telecommunications / AV

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