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A Message from the President

October 2014

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Marketing CU

Some of you recently received an invitation to participate in a survey about CU. The opinion research will inform our efforts to market the university. We appreciate you taking the time to share your insights.

The goals of our marketing project are threefold: to convey the value and contributions of the university to key audiences in Colorado and beyond; to provide common threads to add value to the separate marketing efforts underway on our campuses; and to augment our various engagement initiatives (fundraising, outreach, research partners, etc.).

Some may wonder why we need to market the university. Given ongoing threats to our revenue streams and an increasingly competitive environment for top students and faculty, it is imperative that we take a strategic approach to our future. Marketing will help us do that. CU is a world-class university, but we need to be deliberate in how we promote that.

Once the research is assessed, we will create a plan and develop a creative concept. I will keep you apprised of our progress.

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