January 2013

Dear Friends and Alumni,


Intercollegiate athletics is an important window through which people see our university. It's a key connection point for many of our alumni and rallies our donors, friends and fans in Colorado and beyond. Athletics also provides us a stage, sometimes a national stage, to showcase the high quality of our academics. It's one of our best marketing tools.

We aspire to excellence in all we do. Greatness in academics and athletics are not mutually exclusive. You need only look at some of the nation's top public universities, including our colleague institutions in the Pac-12 Conference, to see examples of the complementary relationship between academics and athletics. Achievements in athletics stand alongside achievements in scholarship, innovation and community service because they unite the CU family and invite new members to join.

So it's important that we fully support our program and engage our alumni, donors, fans and friends in our efforts. A key step in supporting the program was hiring Coach Mike MacIntyre last month to lead the CU Buffaloes football program. While we have a proud history in football, we have struggled in recent years, a trend we must reverse. The entire leadership of the University of Colorado is united in an effort to do all we can to ensure success, and we need you to join us.

Coach MacIntyre has the passion and experience to lead the Buffs on and off the field. He prepares student-athletes not only for football, but for life. He shares CU's values and understands that athletics is a part of the academic mission of the institution, not apart from it.

We fully understand and appreciate the significant role intercollegiate athletics, particularly football, plays at CU. We have a vested interest in the success of the program and we are accountable for achieving it.

It's important to note that we have success to build on and models to follow. Our athletics program boasts Olympic athletes, national champion skiers and Pac-12 champions in cross-country and basketball. Our men's and women's basketball programs demonstrate how a focus on coaches, facilities and scholarship support can foster success. We intend to follow that blueprint for the football program. With Coach MacIntyre and his staff, we have made investments in high-quality coaches.

An important next step will be to upgrade our football facilities. Over the past decade, we have invested substantially in academic and other student-support facilities at CU-Boulder through a variety of non-state funding. We must also invest in athletic facilities to enhance the competitiveness of our teams and the experience for our fans.

As those responsible for running the university and balancing its many competing needs, we have an obligation to proceed deliberately and invest prudently. Athletic facilities improvements will require a combination of funding streams, but the first phase will rely heavily on our donors and supporters. We are considering funding options and facilities priorities.

We value the role intercollegiate athletics plays at our university and we will continue to do all we can to support it, financially and otherwise. CU and its fans deserve a great athletic program to match our great achievements in research, teaching, scholarship and creative work. We hope we can count on your support.

For feedback, contact officeofthepresident@cu.edu

Bruce D. Benson
Bruce Benson

Getting there from here
Getting there from here
I wrote in the July edition of this newsletter about our focus on transportation issues, particularly U.S. 36 between Denver and Boulder. Since the highway first opened in 1952, the volume of traffic has increased to the point where gridlock is more the rule than the exception.

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A look at state funding and college affordability
A look at state funding and college affordability
Many people I talk to don't realize that higher education funding per student in Colorado is nearly last in the nation. Only 5.3 percent of CU's total budget comes from the state. With the help of the CU Online Media Production department, we've created a video to give you an overview of our state funding and let you know how you can speak out for higher education. Video: Focus on Funding

Spotlight on Alumni: Engineering a path less chosen
Spotlight on Alumni:Engineering a path less chosen
At CU Denver's fall commencement, Eva Krauss picked up a diploma for earning a master's of science in civil engineering. While there are few women in the field, she already landed a job as a petroleum engineer and has moved to Houston to begin her career. Her path so far has been an unusual one.

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Creating Futures: Donation sends message of hope, resilience and the importance of the arts
Creating Futures: Donation sends message of hope, resilience and the importance of the arts
As 2012 came to a close, the Creating Futures $1.5 billion fundraising campaign crossed the $1.3 billion threshold. The more than 285,000 gifts made by donors through the CU Foundation have fueled learning and teaching, discovery and innovation, culture and community, and health and wellness on all four campuses.

Behind every gift, there is a story. At CU-Boulder, a group of friends provided a measure of solace for an artist and former CU faculty member who lost his studio in the Fourmile Fire of 2010 - and in turn, helped bring a sculpture of striking beauty to the Boulder campus.

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News from our campuses
University of Colorado

A 'recipe book' for building new materials: CU-Boulder physicists have opened the door for the creation of a host of new materials with properties that do not exist in nature.

University of Colorado
Colorado Springs

UCCS chooses new provost: Mary Coussons-Read, associate vice chancellor for research, professor of psychology and professor of community and behavioral health at CU Denver, will begin her post at UCCS in early March.

University of Colorado

Blanket drive for homeless in its fifth year: Danny Felipe-Morales hopes to collect 400 blankets plus warm clothing for Denver's needy.

University of Colorado
Anschutz Medical Campus
Gates Foundation Grant to improve mother's condition before pregnancy: More than $11 million will support research to normalize early growth of babies of mothers in poor communities.

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