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CU Employee Tuition Benefit

Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit Resources

Faculty Staff Tuition Benefit Step-by-Step

1 Apply to the college/school or as a non-degree seeking student (see admissions deadline)
2 For anyone taking undergraduate courses, apply for College Opportunity Fund (COF)
3 Submit Tuition Benefit Application Form to Payroll & Benefit Services (six weeks prior to start of semester to one week prior to start of semester)
  a. If submitting the Tuition Benefit Application Form for dependent use, provide documentation to Payroll & Benefit Services to verify dependents. (Once dependent verification has been completed for tuition, health, life, or dental, it does not need to be repeated)
4 Register on the first day of classes or first day of semester (whichever is first) through the campus student portal. Exception: Colorado Springs dependents can register prior to the first day of classes.
5 Once you receive your bill, you are responsible for payment of all applicable fees and non-waived tuition.


Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit Deadlines
Attending at CU Boulder
  First day of semester: May 14, June 4, July 10
Attending at CU Colorado Springs
  First day of semester: June 11
Attending at CU Denver Downtown Campus
  First day of semester: May 14, June 4
Attending at CU Anschutz Medical Campus
  First day of semester: see website
Contact list for Tuition Benefit
General program questions
  All campuses 303-860-5646
Admissions Office (undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking applications)
  Boulder 303-492-6301
  Denver 303-556-2704
  Colorado Springs 719-255-3383
Bursar's Office (bill, payments, and waivers)
  Boulder 303-492-5381
  Denver 303-556-2710
  Colorado Springs 719-255-3391
Registrar's Office (course eligibility)
  Boulder 303-492-6970
  Denver 303-556-2389
  Colorado Springs 719-255-3361
Payroll & Benefit Services (eligibility of employee and dependents)
  All campuses 303-860-4200, option 3

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