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The Payroll & Benefit Services web site provides employees information on how to get paid, correct payroll errors, and other important pay and tax infomation, and on the features of the benefit plans offered by the University of Colorado. We also provide University administrators, managers and supervisors, and payroll and benefits professionals vital information to help ensure successful Human Resources Management System (HRMS) use and benefit, payroll and tax compliance.

06/12/2012 The June issue of the PBS Bulletin is now available
05/25/2012 The 2012-13 Open Enrollment period has ended. If you missed the deadline, please see: What happens if you take no action
05/14/2012 UCH Eye Center Offering Discounted Lasik for CU Employees
04/23/2012 Federal Health Care Reform and Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Change
The federal health care reform bill that was passed in March, 2010, stipulates that the maximum amount an individual can have deducted through payroll to fund a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) is $2,500 per calendar year, effective January 1, 2013.  Because CU renews its FSA plan on a fiscal year basis, it is necessary to implement this plan change for the new plan year.  Effective July 1, 2012, the maximum an employee can elect to have deducted for his or her health care FSA will be $2,500 per plan year.

A few things to remember about this new rule:
  • This limitation is a per employee rule, so if you have a spouse who also has access to a health care FSA (whether through CU or another employer), you may each set aside up to the lesser of $2,500 or the other employer's maximum;
  • If your spouse sets aside funds in his/her health care FSA, your expenses can generally be used to access these dollars;
  • This rule does not impact the dependent care FSA. The limit for the dependent care FSA is still $5,000 per plan year per household (or $2,500 per plan year if you are married and file separate income tax returns from your spouse); and,
  • This rule does not impact your current 2011/2012 health care FSA election at all, even during the grace period. The new rule limits how much you can have deducted through payroll for a calendar year, and the 2011/2012 FSA grace period will not be affected.
If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information, please contact ASIFlex, our FSA administrator at 1-800-659-3035 or go to for more information.
11/04/2011 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Filing Deadline for 2010-2011 Plan Year Claims
The deadline to submit Health Care and Dependent Care claims to your FSA for the 2010-11 plan year is Wednesday, November 30, 2011. The FSA plan year ended on June 30, 2011; however, there is an additional grace period that allows you to submit claims for FSA eligible services incurred through September 15, 2011. All reimbursement requests for the 2010-2011 FSA plan year must be postmarked (ASIFlex, P.O. Box 6044 Columbia, MO 65205), submitted online (, or faxed to 877 879-9038 by midnight Mountain Time on November 30, 2011. Claims incurred through September 15, 2011 will first be applied to available funds from the prior plan year (2010-2011), any excess claims amounts will be applied (assuming you re-enrolled) to the new plan year (2011-2012). Reimbursement requests submitted after November 30, 2011 for expenses incurred in the previous 2010-2011 plan year will be denied. Per Federal IRS regulations, any unused funds will be forfeited.
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