* House Finance Committee continues review of PERA rescue plan
* Regents adopt guiding principles following robust debate about diversity
* Staff Council gets look at UCCS Events Center
* Five Questions for Nanna Meyer
* New grant program for early career biomedical researchers debuts at CU
  Panel to discuss effects of federal stimulus spending in Colorado
* Staff Council seeking Service Excellence Award nominations
* People
* Did you know ...
* Letters to the editor
  University ranks second nationally for Peace Corps volunteers
  Political, business leaders highlight Black History Month event
  Media forensics center launches with new master's program
  School of Dental Medicine gives kids a smile
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Regent Policy 1: University of Colorado Legal Origins, Guiding Principles, Principles of Ethical Behavior

A. Preservation of Self-Governing Responsibilities
     B. Guiding Principles
C. Principles of Ethical Behavior

Regent Policy 1. B Guiding Principles

Article 1, Part C of the Laws of the Regents establishes the mission of the University of Colorado. Consistent with the legal obligations and responsibilities of the University of Colorado community, the university will:

1. Encourage and provide access to all qualified students within the university's capacity.

2. Promote and uphold the principles of ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability.

3. Be conscientious stewards of CU's human, physical, financial, information and natural resources.

4. Encourage, honor and respect teaching, learning and academic culture.

5. Promote faculty, student and staff diversity to ensure the rich interchange of ideas in the pursuit of truth and learning, including diversity of political, geographic, cultural, intellectual and philosophical perspectives.

6. Encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship.

7. Strive to meet the needs of the state of Colorado, including health care, technology, work force training and civic literacy.

8. Ensure that the university is an economic, social and cultural catalyst.

9. Maintain a commitment to excellence.

10. Support and encourage collaboration internally amongst departments and campuses, and externally between the university and other educational institutions to improve our communities.

11. Provide an outstanding, respectful and responsive living, learning, teaching and working environment.

12. Focus on measurable results.

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