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President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative names 2010 researchers

Group of 17 educators represents all four campuses

Faculty researchers from all four university campuses have been chosen to participate in the President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative (PTLC) for 2010.

The collaborative assists faculty members in developing scholarly research projects on teaching and learning in order to contribute to scholarship and practice.

This year's group of 17 educators will work with coaches and mentors on projects that span the scope of education. Each faculty researcher designs and undertakes investigations aimed at deepening his or her understanding of and practice related to an important issue in innovative learning. At the end of their year with the PTLC, faculty researchers are expected to disseminate their findings through a peer-reviewed journal publication or conference presentation.

Participants chosen for this year's program and their project title are:

  • Meredith Banasiak, instructor, department of architecture, University of Colorado at Boulder, "The fun factor: developing and evaluating a process for integrating research into the design studio";
  • Kristen Brown, assistant professor, school of pharmacy, Anschutz Medical Campus, "Incorporation of a longitudinal hospital-based mentor model within the introductory pharmacy practice experience curriculum for second-year pharmacy students";
  • Jeffrey Druck, assistant professor, division of emergency medicine, department of surgery, Anschutz, "Effectiveness of an e-mailed EKG curriculum for residency training";
  • Peter Ellingson, senior instructor, music and entertainment industry studies, University of Colorado Denver, "Evaluating self-assessment techniques in applied and class piano";
  • Jeff Gemmell, assistant professor, College of Music, CU-Boulder, "Students' self-perceptions of kinesthetic choral rehearsal techniques: a descriptive study";
  • Storm Gloor, assistant professor, music and entertainment industry studies, UC Denver, "The value of online collaboration in student group learning";
  • Veronica House, instructor, program for writing and rhetoric, CU-Boulder, "Assessing reflective assignments in first-year service-learning composition courses";
  • Jacqueline Jones, associate professor, College of Nursing, Anschutz, "Pedagogy of doctoral coursework";
  • Anna MacBriar, instructor, program for writing and rhetoric, CU-Boulder, "Digital profiles and agentive identities in the professional writing classroom";
  • Shelly Miller, associate professor, department of mechanical engineering, CU-Boulder, "Following the rhythms of the classroom";
  • Mary Nelson, instructor, department of applied mathematics, CU-Boulder, "Orals for the masses";
  • Kathryn Pieplow, instructor, program for writing and rhetoric, CU-Boulder, "Rhetorical literacy: transferability of genre analysis strategies across disciplines and into the workplace";
  • Melinda Piket-May, associate professor, department of electrical, computer and energy engineering, CU-Boulder, "Outside the curriculum box";
  • Peter Schneider, professor, department of architecture and division of environmental design, CU-Boulder, "The work of remembering: enhancing learning in a design curriculum through the use of reflective biographical narratives";
  • Curtis Smith, instructor, department of visual and performing Arts, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, "Computer music and creativity";
  • Laura Summers, assistant professor, School of Education and Human Development, UC Denver, "A portrait of a professor's investigation of students' perceptions of success within an online course"; and
  • David Weiss, associate professor, department of chemistry, UCCS, "Investigation of cooperative group learning in general chemistry at UCCS."

Since its inception in 2006, the collaborative has assisted 70 faculty researchers. The program is modeling on and sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.



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