Portal Help and troubleshooting

Who can I contact for help?

Portal login problems? (see: Why can't I login to the portal?)

All other portal and ISIS problems:
Contact UIS Service Center at 303-735-4847 (303-735-4UIS), 877-554-4847 (Toll Free) or uis@cusys.edu
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Summer Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

When are the portals and ISIS Systems Available?

ISIS will be available during the hours and days as follows:
Monday through Saturday - 7AM to Midnight
Sunday - 11 AM to Midnight

What is ISIS?

  • A comprehensive suite of software that allows users to manage the entire student life-cycle
  • A browser-based system also provides users with access to real-time information that is captured
  • Composed of five components and the software that ties them together:
  • Campus Solutions (The primary component)
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Electronic Document Management
    Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
    EPM/Data Warehouse

How can I contact campus administrative offices?

Why can't I login to the portal?

  1. Your campus directory account may not be activated yet. To verify if your campus directory account is activated, try logging into a system at your campus:
  2. If you've verified that your campus account is activated, have you logged in to this portal before?
  3. Has your campus account password changed? If so, that will be your new password for logging in to the Main Portal.
  4. If you've logged in before and your campus account password hasn't changed, try clearing cache.
  5. If none of these steps has helped, please contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu

Many people around me can't login

  1. Have you all tried clearing cache?
  2. If so and that doesn't help, please contact UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

I see an "authorization" error:

  1. Contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

I am a student and I'm logged into the Portal, but I don't see Student Center:

  1. Contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

My login is taking a very long time:

  1. Contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

I'm seeing very slow response time:

  1. Please contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu with the following information:
    1. Where in the application is there slow response?
    2. Is this function always slow?
    3. Is the problem reproducible, or was it just this once that you got kicked out?
    4. Has this worked before?
    5. Can others do this function?

I got kicked out when I was in the portal:

  1. Clear your cache, close your browser and try again.
  2. If this is still an issue, contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

I see a page that says FedAuthN

  1. Contact the UIS Service Center at 303-735-4UIS or uis@cusys.edu.

I don't see the College and Major that I'm looking for:

  1. Contact your academic department to verify that this college and major (program/plan) have been created.

I'm a student and I'm not sure which portal to use

To determine that, use the following chart. If you're a matriculated (enrolled) student, you will use the Main (Enrolled) Portal affiliated with your campus. If you're an applicant, you will use the Recruitment (Prospective) Portal affiliated with your campus.

Main (Enrolled) Portals

  Boulder (MyCUInfo): https://portal.cusys.edu/MyCUInfoFedAuthLogin.html
  Colorado Springs (myUCCS): https://portal.cusys.edu/MyUCCSFedAuthLogin.html
  Denver (UCDAccess): https://portal.cusys.edu/UCDAccessFedAuthLogin.html

Recruitment (Prospective) Portals

  Boulder (MyCUBoulder): https://portal.cusys.edu/UCBFedAuthLogin.html
  Colorado Springs (goUCCS): https://portal.cusys.edu/UCCSFedAuthLogin.html
  Denver (My UCDenver): https://portal.cusys.edu/UCDFedAuthLogin.html


I am a student trying to use a recruitment (prospective) portal and my password has expired

Please contact the Admissions Office on your campus for verification and password reset.

Admissions Offices:

  Boulder: 303-492-6301 
  Colorado Springs: 719-255-3361
  Denver: 303-556-2704  (Downtown Campus) or go to https://portal.cusys.edu/UCDFedAuthLogin.html & click on "forgot your password?" to reset your password.


COF - College Opportunity Fund Signup

  • Continuing students should see their COF information in ISIS (assuming that they applied with the state previously).
  • New students should complete their application with College Assist at https://cof.college-assist.org as soon as possible, as they will not be able to authorize COF in ISIS until they are eligible to register, and their application data has been downloaded from the State. The first download will occur on May 6th.
  • Any questions about COF should be directed to the Registrar's office appropriate for that student.

Emergency Contact Isn’t working

Did you populate an address and a phone number for both yourself and your contact? If yes, did you make sure to verify the information for each item. There is a check box next to each one. Be sure to check all three check boxes.

I Can't get to Update Emergency Contact button

For Denver: Once you login to the portal, please click on the "Student Tab" located on the top left hand corner of the Welcome Page. Once that page refreshes, locate and click on the orange 'Student Center' button located in the middle of the page. After that page refreshes, you will see then see a section titled "Personal Information." On the top left hand side of that section you will see the 'Emergency Contact Names' link. Click on that link to begin the process of updating your emergency contact information prior to registering. If you would like a step-by-step process, after logging into the portal and clicking on the 'student tab you will see a 'How to' link located under Registrar Activities that would explain exactly how to add and verify your emergency contact.

For Boulder: Press the "Student" tab at the top of the portal screen and indicate that you want to "Register for Classes", and then indicate you want to "ENROLL". You will then be passed through to the section where you must update your emergency contact before you can register. If you have already registered and need to update this information, you can go to the "Personal Information" section of the Student Center, and select "Emergency Contact".

I'm a student and I'm not allowed to add a class that I am eligible for

Check the prerequisite or other course restrictions on the class and, if you cannot enroll because of an error, contact the Registrar's office on your campus. Descriptions of prerequisites and other restrictions are described in Class Search, or appear in the error message when you register. Exceptions may only be approved by the academic department offering the course.

Registrar's Offices:

  Boulder: 303-492-6970
  Colorado Springs: 719-255-3361

303-556-2389 (Downtown Campus)

303-724-8059 (Anschutz Medical Campus)


Why isn't Class Search working?

You will need to more clearly define your search. The new search criteria asks for two criteria. If you don't use enough criteria for your search, the system will try to pull back too much information. Some of the search criteria that need to be chosen are: institution, campus, term.

For more information about class search.

I met the criteria for a class, but couldn't enroll

Please contact your registrar's office for more information about this.

Registrar's Offices:

  Boulder: 303-492-6970; Also view this document, for Boulder enrollment information.
  Colorado Springs: 719-255-3361

303-556-2389  (Downtown Campus)

303-724-8059 (Anschutz Medical Campus)

I'm trying to enroll in a Controlled Enrollment Class

Your academic department will need to enroll you in the course after your enrollment appointment/time has passed. Please contact the Academic Department offering the course for help with this.

I'm trying to enroll in a course and can't

Check to see if it is a controlled enrollment course. You may have put the controlled courses into your shopping cart without noticing that it is a controlled enrollment course. Controlled enrollment courses have section numbers in the 700- and 800- range.

I'm seeing a class display as a dash

When a course is cancelled – and there is only one section of the course – this may display with a dash (and no other information).

I would like to register without paying tuition deposit

For Boulder campus students, all Boulder campus students are required to pay enrollment deposits.

For Denver and Colorado Springs, you will need to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) several days in advance of registration in order to register without paying the tuition deposit.

Please contact the Financial Aid office on your campus to learn more about FAFSA.

Financial Aid Offices:

  Boulder: 303-492-5091
  Colorado Springs: 719-255-3460
  Denver: 303-556-2886 (Downtown & Anschutz Campus)


I am trying to submit my classes and I get bounced back to the previous screen

If you have added classes and are trying to submit them, you need to check the select box to the left of every class.

Classes all need to be selected (check box to the left) before pressing the Proceed button.

I am trying to submit my classes but can't proceed from the Shopping Cart

You will need to be either on the time or past the time of your enrollment appointment in order to proceed from the Shopping Cart.

Contact Information UCB

Registration Office of the Registrar 303-492-6970
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 303-492-5091
Tuition Payment Bursar’s Office 303-492-5381
Course Selection


Contact Information UCCS

Registration Admissions and Records 719-255-3361
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 719-255-3460
Tuition Payment Bursar’s Office 719-255-3392
Course Selection Student Success Center 719-255-3260
Portal Logon IT Help Desk 719-255-3536

Contact Information UCD

Admissions Admissions 303-556-2704


Registrar's Office (Downtown) 303-556-2389
Registration Registrar's Office (AMC) 303-724-8059
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 303-556-2886
Tuition Payment Bursar’s Office 303-556-2710
Course Selection

Getting Started Information

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Examples of Prospect Card URLs for Boulder:

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