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Copyright Information

The University of Colorado encourages the fair use of copyrighted materials in support of its academic and research mission, and strives to provide clear guidance to faculty, students, and staff who wish to use copyrighted materials in their teaching and research. This site is a resource for information and guidance for lawful utilization of copyrighted materials. The links on the left disseminate the following:

Copyright Overview
Learn basic copyright information quickly

Copyright Exemptions
How to appropriately and lawfully use existing copyrighted materials in classroom and on-line teaching, research, and other activities without needing permission

Including helpful guidelines for using specific copyrighted works: a decision tree, and checklists for the TEACH Act and balancing fair use

Obtaining Permissions
How to obtain permission to use existing copyrighted materials

Copyrighting My Work
How to get copyright protection and who holds legal rights to new works created at the university

Frequently asked questions

For more in-depth information about copyright



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