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Help raise awareness of the many ways the University of Colorado serves communities across Colorado. CU For Colorado demonstrates how we are engaged in projects and programs throughout the state that provide public service, science resources, health care, culture, community and social enhancements to communities large and small, urban and rural, throughout the state.

Please place one or more of these icons on your website, social media pages and collateral to identify your outreach program as an important part of CU For Colorado, which is an Office of the President awareness initiative.

Signage Options
Whether  your program is administered through a campus or off-campus office or your own building, please contact us so we can discuss signage options that will help build greater visibility of CU’s outreach activities. We will provide CU For Colorado signage (exterior, interior, directories, window clings) – at no cost. Email or call 855-35-CU4CO (855-352-8426).

Below are links to promotional resources you are free to download and use on our behalf. Please let us know if you use these resources by emailing

Print collateral
Intended use: Easily add to your print collateral, including flyers, postcards, invitations and press releases.

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Promotional Flyer QR Code
Intended use: you can include in print collateral. 
Scan for CU For Colorado website
CU For Colorado Promotional Flyer download
    click image to download pdf
CU For Colorado Website
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Web and social media promotion
Intended use: Add one of these Web buttons to your outreach program's page. You also can add one of these to your social media pages with the suggested description in the box. It will be hyperlinked to our CU For Colorado home page.120 x 150 pixels. If you would like us to host these images at your request, we can provide the HTML coding to embed the image with link in your site. Simply email us:

Our outreach program is one of more than 200 programs serving Colorado. CU For Colorado is a great Web resource to search, learn and discover how CU’s four campuses share resources and expertise in rural and metro communities. You can search by region, topic and campus.
(This copy can be used with your graphic to provide more context).

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