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Fiscal Certification

What is Fiscal Certification?
The Fiscal Certification process, a requirement of the APS Fiscal Certification, is comprised of two parts: Certification (Fiscal Certification Statement) and Assessment (Fiscal Assessment Training).

Who participates?
Officers, as identified in HRMS, complete a Fiscal Certification comprised of 14 certification statements. Org Principals and Org Managers on designated nodes of the finance tree, as well as Principal Investigators having (1) Actual aggregate expenditures of $2 million or more or (2) aggregate project budgets (covering the life of the project) of $2 million or more, are required to participate in the assessment part of the process.

How do I know if I am required to participate?
You will receive an email on July 1 notifying you what part of the Fiscal Certification process you need to complete, the officer you report to, and your completion deadline. Subsequent reminder emails will be sent two weeks before your deadline and the morning of your deadline.

What does it mean to be a Delegate?
Officers can identify Delegates to assist them in monitoring process completion. The Delegate will be able to access status reports on behalf of the Officer. Further information on identifying Delegates and their role in Fiscal Certification is available in the Step-by-Step Guides.

What is the timeline?
Fiscal Certification begins on July 1 and concludes on September 15 when chancellors must complete their certification statements. Officers can set specific completion deadlines for the Officers, Org Principals, Org Managers, and PIs who roll up to them.
Note: Chancellors cannot complete their certification until everyone participating in Fiscal Certification/Assessment process on their campus has completed their respective part of the process.

Where do I go to complete the process?
Log in to the my.CU portal and select the MY.TOOLS tab. Step-by-Step Guides are available to help you Log in to the Portal and complete Fiscal Certification and Assessment. Your computer will need to be within the university firewall. If working remotely, you will need to use a VPN connection to access the university network.


Need help?
Step-by-Step guides are available.

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