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Conflict of Interest - COI Management Plan Creation

If the Department Chair determines the conflict may be adequately managed, he/she prepares a "management plan" detailing how the conflict will be minimized. This plan is then forwarded with the written report to the next level of supervision (usually the Dean). The following are examples of how a conflict may be minimized:

  • Assign independent departmental personnel to monitor the employee's research activities
  • Require administrative review and approval of the employee's research projects that are subject to potential conflicts of interest
  • Require modification of research plans or transfer portions of research to independent researchers, if necessary, to avoid actual conflicts of interest.
  • Consider divestiture or withdrawal from conflicted activity if necessary to avoid actual conflict of interest where management appears unlikely to succeed.

The University has also prepared a Plug and Play Sample COI Management Plan that is applicable for:

  • Publications and Presentations
  • Interaction with Students and Other Personnel
  • Clinical Studies
  • Research Support from a Company
  • Reporting of Extramural Financial Interests
  • Change in Circumstances
  • Outside Activities Agreements
  • Use of University Facilities and Services
  • Purchases
  • Annual Review
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