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For purposes of this program, an eligible Early Career Investigator (ECI) is defined by the Boettcher Foundation as: an investigator who is within four years of appointment to his/her career-track academic position, and who has not previously received a major independent research award. It is preferable that applicants be either currently or recently involved in a mentored grant program. A signed letter of offer is acceptable documentation for appointment to a career-track academic position. In general, the ECI will have received a terminal degree or completed his/her medical residency within ten years preceding the application; for this competition, CU will use January 1, 2003 as the cutoff date. In addition, for purposes of calculating eligibility this year, the ECI’s career-track appointment should have occurred no earlier than four years prior to January 1 of the year in which the program is announced. For example, a program announced in November 2013, for July 2014 awards will include ECI’s whose career-track appointments began no earlier than January 1, 2009.

New Eligibility Criteria: Investigators within ten years of completing their medical residency may now apply

In the HOW TO APPLY section of this website there is a list of those titles that CU considers to be “career track.” These are faculty appointments with significant expectations regarding research, and/or teaching, and/or clinical activities and are both tenure-track or non-tenure track. Please see contact information below regarding questions about eligibility. Appointment letters may be consulted for clarity with respect to titles such as Instructor or Research Associate. Post-doctoral appointments are not considered career-track appointments.

Applicants who are uncertain if they meet the eligibility guidelines are invited to submit a completed biosketch beginning November 14, 2013 to

See Overview Document – UCB or UCCS or Overview Document – UCD | AMC for more information.

The definition of independent research awards are discussed in the Application Requirements section. An ECI remains eligible for this program if an independent award has not been received before the ECI’s application is forwarded to the Foundation.

For eligibility questions, contact


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